Triptoes Top 5: Travel Apps For Kids

Triptoes’s Top Five Travel Apps For Kids.

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Family holidays can be full of fun, adventure, excitement and yes, let’s face it some long journeys!

If you’re planning a family holiday by car, campervan, ferry or by air then why not stock up your phone or tablet with our top five kid friendly travel apps for a stress free trip?!

We’ve searched the top 500 must-have apps and think we’ve found something for every age group; you may find they’re so popular after a day of swimming or sightseeing that they get you an extra 30 minutes on the deck with a glass of wine in hand!



Simple and silly; Steamy Window steams up the screen of your Android handset so kids can enjoy tracing pictures and wiping them clean. You can even create more
steam by blowing on the microphone!

steamy windows



£2.99, iPHONE & iPAD

Geographer and BBC TV presenter Nick Crane is your guide as, with the swipe of a finger, you fly around a beautiful world created by artist David Dean

This educational tool teaches kids about the countries around the world with a 3D effect globe. This absorbing, fact loaded app takes its information live from Wolfram Alpha and describes populations, native fauna and more in hundreds of countries so your kids can become Canadian tour guides and teach you all about the
places you visit each day!

Barefoot World Atlas has been downloaded over four million times and was selected by Apple in 2013 as one of the 10 best apps ever made.

barefoot atlas



£2.49 iPHONE & iPAD, £1.29 Android

Troublesome pirates, farting monsters, peanut-strewing elephants, rats and puppets invade the pages of this hilarious book app and get right in the way of Nicholas-
Ickle’s story! A sure fire way to get them giggling on a long trip!





£1.99, iPHONE & iPAD

Canada’s national parks provide a perfect place to go star gazing – with no artificial lights and plenty of crisp, clear nights, looking up at the stars can be a magical way to
connect with your kids on holiday and this intuitive and well labelled app has it all.

No more umming and aahing over which constellations are which; just hold your phone up to the sky and you’ll be Brian Cox at the flick of a switch!




£1.49, iPAD

What better way to record your family holiday memories than en route with this fabulous app. Your kids can personalise their journal by taking and uploading photos via
the app, choosing colours, themes, branding and then get on with the real job of recording experiences, feelings, adding the weather and details of where they’ve spent
the day.

kid's journal


We hope you’ve found something to keep your kids entertained. Keep checking our blog for other Triptoes travel with kids tips!


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