Triptoes Canada’s top tips for a motorhome holiday with kids

Triptoes Canada’s top tips for a motorhome holiday with kids


Thinking of booking a motor-homing holiday in Canada but worrying about family living in a confined space? Worry no more; Triptoes’ top tips for motor-homing will have you booking that family holiday to Canada in no time.

Motor-homes are essentially a kid’s playhouse on wheels; let’s face it what could be more exciting to a child than the thought of taking your toys, bed, food, and family with you on a new adventure every day?

Not only this but when you park up for the day, they get to run wild in the Canadian pine forests, paddle in fish filled waters, eat barbeque food till their tummies can take no more, save perhaps, a few marshmallows cooked over their own campfire.

Finally, their cheeks flushed from a day in the fresh air, they climb a little ladder up to their comfy beds and slip off to the land of nod with only the stars as their nightlight.

Motorhome holiday with Kids - Icefields Parkway Canada


Intrigued? Then read our top tips for motor-homing with kids:

1) Preparing your trip.

Involve your children as much as possible in the planning of your trip from the very beginning. By explaining where you are going and inviting their contributions you are more likely to build up their enthusiasm for some of the longer journeys.

Make a list of family activities that you would like to experience along your travels, spread them out over your holiday itinerary and plot your route accordingly to incorporate swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, Canadian creature spotting or whatever takes your fancy.

Encourage your children to pack their own on-board entertainment bag. Getting them to consider the longer journeys ahead of time and plan what they might need to keep them amused helps prepare and excite them. With breathtaking scenery, plenty of flora and fauna to spot and amazing landmarks to stop off on the way, you may find that their little bag soon becomes forgotten! Having a few choice CDs, top five travel apps or the portable DVD player in your on-board arsenal is always worth it too though!

Select your motor-home or camper van with care; Triptoes offers three different family sized vehicles and having a familiar bathroom on site can be essential for those wilderness adventures! Show your little ones our floorplans so they can see where they will be sleeping, relaxing and eating; it’s a sure way to get them enthused about their Canadian road trip.

Motorhome Holiday Canada

Talk through the kind of food they would like to eat whilst on holiday; get them to make a shopping list for when you stock up on your first day and get them involved in the preparation and cooking of the family meal. It’s so much more fun when you have a kitchen on wheels than when you’re at home in rainy England!

Don’t forget to pack their favourite snuggly, suncream, hats, waterproofs and first aid kit too.

2) First day:

Once you have collected your motorhome, head to your nearby pre-booked campground and let the kids explore, climb up to their bunks, unpack and unwind. Stock up on supplies and plan the next few day’s itinerary together around the Canadian firepit.

Give each child their own space to store their belongings; they will feel more at home and there is no excuse for flying toys should a Canadian critter crossing cause an emergency stop!

3) On the road:

With CDs, snacks and toys at your fingertips, get your children involved by offering them maps to follow, landmarks or creatures to spot and plenty of family games to play and songs to sing along the way. Check out Triptoes’ word game suggestions in Top tips for long haul travel with kids for more inspiration.

Don’t pack too much in! It sounds obvious but let’s face it travelling for more than five hours a day with kids is not going to do much for your mental health and doesn’t make for a fun filled family holiday in Canada.

Try planning places to visit and stop every two to three hours at the most and plan any long journeys to fit in with little one’s nap times. If you have a big distance to cover, set off at bedtime so children can sleep and you get some peaceful driving time.

Motorhome holiday for families in Canada

Arrive at your campground before dark to give your kids the chance to burn off some steam and get familiar with their surroundings.

Have snacks at hand but avoid anything fizzy, crumbly, sticky or sickly. It goes without saying that plenty of wet wipes will be essential – let’s face it which one among us knows a better way to get stains out of clothes, let alone clean kitchen surfaces?!


4) Creating memories:

Pack a scrapbook, scissors and glue with you. Although its important not to pack too much, giving the kids the chance to preserve their memories along the way is worth its weight in gold.

Encourage your little ones to keep ticket stubs and leaflets, press flowers/leaves and take their own photos; give them the job of keeping a travel diary of your family motorhome road trip.

It’s easy to forget the many adventures along the way when you get back home and normal routines resume, but having an almost complete record of your time together in Canada will inspire you to insert your favourite photos and offer your kids a real sense of pride and ownership over your family memories.

Share your top motor-homing tips below…




Some great tips and links. If traveling Ontario, many provincial parks that cater to caravan (RV) travelers have amazing natural heritage education programs designed with kids in mind. The parks web site is a good source of information,

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