Top Tips for Making Holiday Planning a Family Activity


One of the best ways to get little ones excited about your upcoming holiday is to involve them from the beginning. Once you’ve booked your family holiday, talk through your plans with the kids; in the build up, show them pictures, videos, maps and brochures to help them look forward to the trip.

holiday planning

Show them the accommodation you’ve chosen and photographs of the facilities nearby for kids and talk to them about which one they would like to visit first.

Encourage older children to do their own research so they can contribute ideas of where to go and what to see while you’re away. Learning local phrases or planning routes on maps will give them a sense of real participation in the holiday.

Introduce your children to the different types of wildlife they’ll see at your destination. Encourage them to draw pictures!

Reminisce together about some favorite memories of previous holidays – remind them about their favorite moments on previous adventures.

Let your child take along their own little suitcase. They could even write a packing list of items they would like to take.

Older children can keep a notebook to fill in during the time leading up to the trip with notes and drawings about what they’re excited to do and see. They can continue to use it when you’re on the trip and it will make a lovely keepsake to go with your holiday snaps.

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