Top Tips for choosing your holiday accommodation


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your holiday accommodation.
Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the best option for your family …

choosing your holiday accommodation

Self-catering or hotel?

Would your family be more comfortable in a full service hotel, a self-catered property, or something that has the best of both worlds? If you plan on touring around it maybe that for short stays a hotel is fine, but for longer visits having a kitchen and washing machine is essential.

Try something different!

Consider more unusual accommodations. Many countries have excellent motorhomerentals which can work very, very well for families. Or perhaps you quite like the thought of sleeping in a tipi, treehouse or house boat for a change? Think outside the box and enjoy the adventure.

Local attractions

When picking either a rental property, hotel, lodge or even campground, think about what is nearby. Is there a playground within walking distance? Is there a supermarket or corner shop nearby? What are local transport links like? Where are the nearest attractions, bike or boat rental stations?

Location, location, location…

Canada is big. Take what you’re imagining and add some. It’s not unusual for our families to get overwhelmed by the sheer size and the distances between destinations. This can apply to many new places. It is impossible to do everything in one holiday. Identifying your top priorities can help pinpoint the best location for you. Speak to a travel specialist, like Triptoes, who really knows the area you are thinking of going to, and get the best advice with planning.

Need more help?

Get in touch! We at Triptoes can help you decide which accommodation choice will
best suit your family.

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