Triptoes Top 5: Canadian Dishes

Top Five Canadian Dishes

If you’re planning a family holiday to Canada and you fancy sampling some of the local delicacies check out Triptoes’s top five Canadian dishes.


Originally from Quebec this fast food dish comprises skinny fries topped with gravy and cheese curds! You will find it in greasy spoon diners, pubs and roadside food wagons.


Predominantly attributed to English settlers, the butter tart is considered to be one of Canada’s quintessential desserts. A mix of butter, sugar, the obligatory maple syrup and egg is poured into a flaky pastry case which is then baked until the filling resembles a warm, smooth custard tart with a crunchy top. Yummy!!


Inspired by Canadian Aboriginal preserving recipes, strips of wild Pacific Salmon are marinated in a variety of pickles and spices and smoked and dried to a chewy consistency. If the chewy variety doesn’t get your vote then take advantage of the proximity to the bountiful Pacific ocean and sample some of the fabulous variety of fresh fish and shellfish on offer in many Canadian restaurants.


Originating in Toronto, Peameal bacon is created by rolling cured, lean and boneless bacon loin of pork in dried and ground yellow peas. Smokeless and tender this Canadian bacon is sweet-pickle cured and when incorporated into a sandwiche it becomes the signature dish of Toronto!


These legendary Canadian refrigerator cake bars originated in Nanaimo, B.C and are traditionally made by combining coconut, walnuts, graham-cracker crumbs, vanilla custard, and chocolate. Similar to the British favourite millionaire’s shortbread, common variations include peanut butter and mint chocolate.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our top five Canadian dishes, if you think we’ve missed some out, get in touch!


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