Motorhome Insurance Coverage


All vehicles are insured for $5,000,000 public liability insurance. Premiums for this basic insurance are included in all rental rates. Insurance coverage is mandatory.


The deductible for MVA damage is reduced to $900 ($300 for windshields) with the purchase of CDW at $20 per day. Comprehensive coverage is $400 deductible.


The deductible for MVA damage is reduced to $600 ($200 for windshields) with the purchase of VIP at $30 per day.

VIP also covers pre-approved expenses for accommodation, and transportation (excluding fuel and food) up to the amount of the daily rental rate in the event of a mechanical breakdown requiring the vehicle to be in for repair for more than 12 hours.

Mechanical breakdown does not include the malfunctions of the radio/CD player, air conditioner, stove, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer, generator, furnace, water pump/water heater, or any appliance. VIP applies only if mechanical breakdown to be repaired is for more than 12 hours after being reported to the appropriate WCMC rental station.

Maximum liability coverage for Vacation Interruption Protection is $1500 per rental. Customers must present receipts for refund of expenses for car rental and accommodation.

VIP is not valid in event of a motor vehicle accident. VIP does not include coverage for personal injury.


LDW includes all the benefits of VIP coverage. The deductible for MVA damage is reduced to $300 with the purchase of LDW at $30 per day.

Loss of use charges result from single vehicle or third party accidents when damage to the rented vehicle renders it inoperable. Loss of use charges are based on the daily rental rate while the rented vehicle is out of service.

The Client will not be required to pay for Loss of Use of the vehicle with the purchase of Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) at $35 per day. LDW coverage includes Vacation Interruption Coverage (VIP) up to $1500 per rental.

In the event of a motor vehicle accident a Police Report is required for insurance coverage to be effective. Losses not covered by insurance are specified and do not require a police report.

The Client may be required to pay the Crash Responsibility Charge of up to $250 that may be levied in the event of the client causing an accident.

Security deposits are held by WCMC until all costs for damage are finalized, and/or such time as the

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has determined damage liability.


The Client acknowledges the possibility of a mechanical failure or breakdown, and acknowledges that such occurrence is an inherent contingency associated with the operation of the vehicle, and that such contingency is beyond the control of the Company. The Client agrees to hold the Company harmless from and against any loss of time, transportation costs, inconvenience, and loss of food in the vehicle and any and all expenses resulting from such contingency in the event of mechanical failure or breakdown.

The Company will make all reasonable efforts to assist the Client to obtain help or arrange for repairs, subject to the location of the vehicle and business hours of the repair facilities.